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1hr til the start of my challenge and mum now knows…

Today I have felt a roller coaster of emotions from anxiety to elation at the success of my blog. I have felt so nervous at times I have felt physically sick! I rang my mum last night to inform her of my challenge (she also has PCOS and like myself suffers with excess hair on her face/neck) and she was VERY surprised to hear my news. My mum is a quiet introvert who does not venture outside her comfort zone and don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this but this is exactly why I AM going to complete this hairy challenge I have set myself. My actions and promotion of this are for ALL women like my mum who feel they could never attempt this kind of challenge. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone especially when you’re having a bad day emotionally. I want women around the world to know you are not alone and we can all help each other through raising awareness of PCOS and its symptoms (a lot of which are embarrassing) You don’t have to go to extremes like myself but if each of you reading this shares my blog with 1 other female this will help spread awareness and together we can educate others. (Please share my blog with 1 other female after reading, thanks)


Well I have been stroking my face whilst typing this and can feel stubble on my chin and the sides of my face. Normally I would shave before bedtime but if I am going to be disciplined in not removing my hair for the next month I need to start as I mean to go on so stubble you are going nowhere tonight! 🙂

Tomorrow will be my first full day ever not removing any of my face or body hair. I had a friend ask me today how much can I grow? I replied with ‘I don’t know as I have never done this before.’ I then got asked ‘how much have you grown when at home though behind closed doors?’ Again I have never grown any as I was too scared to risk close family/friends to even see me with overnight stubble, oh my this challenge is going to be HUGE! Knowing I have to shave twice a day makes me feel confident my hair growth is trying to win a race as well so watch this space as I intend on uploading photos as I work my way through a very hairy August! 🙂 

Blogging all over the world… :)

Well today I have been buzzing! I haven’t had much opportunity to seriously consider the challenge i am about to face (excuse the pun) due to reading surprising stats information on my blog. I learnt my blog got 8 views yesterday compared with 118 views today and has gone global! Thank you to the visitors reading this in Portugal, France and America. I never expected this and am feeling truly overwhelmed with joy that my actions may support others living with PCOS around the globe. 🙂

Right back to the challenge that is now only 26 hrs and 20 minutes away! (think i got the maths right this time as i had assistance from my OH)  Today i have found the stubble on my chin and neck REALLY frustrating. I believe shaving daily (which I do once in the morning and once in the evening) combined with the summer heat makes for dry skin which is then itchy and unsightly. It is VERY hard not to tweezer these hairs away. Over the last 4 years of attending medical conferences on PCOS organised by the national charity Verity, I have learnt using tweezers to remove hair is a bad choice. Pulling hairs out in this manner stimulates regrowth which means you can get multiple hairs growing from the same follicle when they return. Regrowth is not something i wish to encourage, although having said this now i am pursuing the face and body hair challenge i have had thoughts to go against my usual avoidance of this method to attempt to get the best growth i can. Is this mad?! Whilst walking to my local shop tonight I was thinking about the positives to my physical appearance through growing my face and body hair. I will be saving time getting ready, my skin may be more supple as there will be less irritation towards it, and i could even charge anyone who wants to stroke it! Yes i know I’m mad but life is so short and precious no positive behaviour designed to help others should ever be seen as madness. 🙂

I am not naive. I understand there will be and are people in the world who are ignorant, choose not to understand or educate themselves and who will probably class me as freakish for even attempting this hairy challenge but these people don’t matter to me. The people who matter to me are the ones who are supporting me through this difficult challenge and will be there long after the challenge has been completed. If i can provide support to just 1 lady living with PCOS and in particular a lady living with the excess hair symptom like myself then it will have been worthwhile putting myself out of my comfort zone. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! 🙂

Promotion of hairyfairyweymouth begins…

Today i made the bold step of contacting colleagues within the organisation where i work to inform them of my blog and my plans to grow my face and body hair for the month of August. I don’t know which felt more scary, knowing all colleagues could follow my blog and read my intimate thoughts and feelings or the fear that their thoughts may change towards me when they see me with extra insulation (which is really not needed in this lovely summer heat)

I received several supportive emails following my communication and was pleased to read they were from men and women! In fact if i’m being honest i didn’t expect many if any replies from men. I guess that’s because in my personal experience the men in my life don’t tend to talk about intimate/sensitive issues. I have felt a lot of support from conversations with fellow work colleagues today and if any of them are reading this I just want to say ‘thank you.’ Your positive comments and words of encouragement fuel my confidence levels ready for the challenge that lies ahead. 🙂

Can’t quite believe there are only 2  full days to go until my personal challenge begins. (I know in yesterday’s blog i counted 4 days to go, what can i say but nobody is perfect and when maths is involved i definitely am not.) Although i am still scared, more than i have ever felt in my 33 years of life experience, if i am lucky enough to continue with support like i have received today then i will be one very happy hairyfairy 🙂


1st of August is coming….

I’m feeling VERY nervous as the 1st August approaches closer. I have been planning to grow my excess face and body hair for a while but didn’t finally decide if I would definitely go ahead with this idea until speaking to a fellow cyster on Facebook a few weeks ago. The fellow cyster i spoke to was sharing how living with excess hair gets her down. This made me realize there are a lot of ladies out there who experience excess hair as I do but would not choose to share this with the world as our society is so vain and cruel. Due to these reasons and the fact i count myself lucky to otherwise have good health i decided to use having this symptom as a positive and plough ahead with my hairyfairy fundraising idea! 4 days to go and counting!