Promotion of hairyfairyweymouth begins…

Today i made the bold step of contacting colleagues within the organisation where i work to inform them of my blog and my plans to grow my face and body hair for the month of August. I don’t know which felt more scary, knowing all colleagues could follow my blog and read my intimate thoughts and feelings or the fear that their thoughts may change towards me when they see me with extra insulation (which is really not needed in this lovely summer heat)

I received several supportive emails following my communication and was pleased to read they were from men and women! In fact if i’m being honest i didn’t expect many if any replies from men. I guess that’s because in my personal experience the men in my life don’t tend to talk about intimate/sensitive issues. I have felt a lot of support from conversations with fellow work colleagues today and if any of them are reading this I just want to say ‘thank you.’ Your positive comments and words of encouragement fuel my confidence levels ready for the challenge that lies ahead. 🙂

Can’t quite believe there are only 2  full days to go until my personal challenge begins. (I know in yesterday’s blog i counted 4 days to go, what can i say but nobody is perfect and when maths is involved i definitely am not.) Although i am still scared, more than i have ever felt in my 33 years of life experience, if i am lucky enough to continue with support like i have received today then i will be one very happy hairyfairy 🙂



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