1hr til the start of my challenge and mum now knows…

Today I have felt a roller coaster of emotions from anxiety to elation at the success of my blog. I have felt so nervous at times I have felt physically sick! I rang my mum last night to inform her of my challenge (she also has PCOS and like myself suffers with excess hair on her face/neck) and she was VERY surprised to hear my news. My mum is a quiet introvert who does not venture outside her comfort zone and don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this but this is exactly why I AM going to complete this hairy challenge I have set myself. My actions and promotion of this are for ALL women like my mum who feel they could never attempt this kind of challenge. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone especially when you’re having a bad day emotionally. I want women around the world to know you are not alone and we can all help each other through raising awareness of PCOS and its symptoms (a lot of which are embarrassing) You don’t have to go to extremes like myself but if each of you reading this shares my blog with 1 other female this will help spread awareness and together we can educate others. (Please share my blog with 1 other female after reading, thanks)


Well I have been stroking my face whilst typing this and can feel stubble on my chin and the sides of my face. Normally I would shave before bedtime but if I am going to be disciplined in not removing my hair for the next month I need to start as I mean to go on so stubble you are going nowhere tonight! 🙂

Tomorrow will be my first full day ever not removing any of my face or body hair. I had a friend ask me today how much can I grow? I replied with ‘I don’t know as I have never done this before.’ I then got asked ‘how much have you grown when at home though behind closed doors?’ Again I have never grown any as I was too scared to risk close family/friends to even see me with overnight stubble, oh my this challenge is going to be HUGE! Knowing I have to shave twice a day makes me feel confident my hair growth is trying to win a race as well so watch this space as I intend on uploading photos as I work my way through a very hairy August! 🙂 


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