Day 1 has arrived…the scouring pad is out!

I was pleased to learn i shaved 15 minutes (excuse the pun) off my morning routine by not shaving my face or body today. Every cloud has a silver lining. 🙂 I honestly expected to feel more anxious than today brought through not shaving and have been pleasantly surprised by support I have received from fellow work colleagues. Each morning i meet with 3 of my fellow work colleagues to discuss the day ahead before we get busy. I reminded my 3 colleagues (2 men & 1 women) that today was day 1 of my hairyfairy challenge. To my surprise having admitted stubble was present 1 of the men asked if they could stroke the stubble on my face/chin. I accepted on the condition he sponsor me (minimum £5 though) and then to my surprise the 2nd man asked to join in. Again i accepted and before i knew it my female colleague said she also wanted to join in. All i can say is positive strokes at the start of a day is good for the mind especially when I was feeling apprehensive about how colleagues may perceive me due to the beginnings of a new appearance.

Today i have started taking photos of my appearance. I will be taking a daily photo of myself in a bikini then single shots of the most hairy parts of my body which are; my feet, navel area, under arms and face/neck. I attach my first photos of my face/neck and underarms so you can see the base from which the hair will grow from. Note the bumpiness on my neck and face. This is from continuous daily shaving and irritation.



Note the red bumpiness on my neck & chin

Note the red bumpiness on my neck & chin

I believe I will grow a lot of hair under my arms as well as my face and neck so see photo below of day 1 of the underarm…

Underarm Day 1

Underarm Day 1

I am going to save the photos of myself in a bikini and at the end of my challenge I will combine to produce a timeline sequence of my hair growth. I will then upload this on to you tube.

Until tomorrow goodnight. 🙂



One thought on “Day 1 has arrived…the scouring pad is out!

  1. Bernie

    Hi,I’ve just been reading your blog and I’m so proud of what your doing x PCOS is an invisible syndrome that we sufferers live with daily x I’ll be cheering you on till the end and donating x

    Liked by 1 person


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