Day 2 – Scouring pad is now morphing in to a soft bristled brush…

When i open my eyes in the morning, it takes a couple of minutes before i remember my face no longer resemble the smoothness of a new born’s bottom. My first reaction is fear due to the reactions i may receive during the day ahead then my feelings change to a strong desire of positivity because I have an overwhelming desire to support others first and foremost. This helps me bury negative thoughts so i can concentrate on my self confidence for the day ahead. I am not saying these negative thoughts disappear because they don’t and if they did i wouldn’t be human, it just helps to put my thoughts in to a priority order ready for the day ahead. For me the best form of confidence building is to listen to songs with a good beat. Nothing better when driving than singing aloud to a good upbeat song. Gets me in a good head space ready for the day ahead!

I know my stubble has grown more and feels longer than it probably looks but still not that noticeable unless you are close to me. Please see today’s photos as below…


I have been very fortunate so far with the generosity, kindness and support of others.I never expected or wanted more than my blog being shared and/or sponsorship. I have been contacted by Lucys Therapies (group can be found on FB) who is a local beautician offering me free waxing after my hairyfairy challenge has been completed. I was overwhelmed when this was offered to me, so thank you Lucy for your support and kind offer. I have also been contacted today by a DJ at a radio station (as yet cannot say which one, will share in the days ahead) and am VERY excited as this will help raise awareness considerably! Just need to get a tv appearance now. So watch this space. Off to get some beauty sleep now as my body needs rest to encourage growth to validate my hairyfairy name! 


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Scouring pad is now morphing in to a soft bristled brush…

  1. jakishoegirl

    Karen you are incredible. If I can help in anyway by promoting this on my blog please let me know. Hats off to you chick. What a girl!
    Jaki x

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