Day 3 – Sizeable patches of silky hair have started to appear…


Wow it is only day 3 and I am surprised at just how quickly the soft bristled brush has developed in to sizeable patches of silky hair. This has mainly appeared on my chin but the hair on the sides of my face has also started blossoming in to similar silky strands. I have been exfoliating my face each day to encourage smoothness of my skin and reduce ingrown hairs whilst going through the first few days of stubble and it seems to be working.

This morning was my first venture to a shop with obvious hair growth on my face. I took my daughter who is 21 months old (successful Clomid baby). We went to the local pet store and I felt the young girl behind the counter checking my hair out. (I had asked for help to locate a product) I have to be honest knowing this was the case made me feel a bit insecure. Thank fully having my daughter with me gave me a prime focus so I didn’t have time to dwell upon this. I am in the process of having a t shirt printed which will have Verity’s logo on the back (approved by the charity) with the writing ‘To know why I’m hairy visit or ask me now’. I am going to get this completed in the next couple of days. I will be wearing it in my leisure time. It might sound a bit odd but this t shirt will be a bit like a security blanket for me. I guess this is because it answers another person’s thoughts without the need to have a discussion. Of course if a person wants to have a discussion which I will be more than willing to have it gives them the confidence to approach me rather than making their own judgement through what they see. 


I will post a photo of my t shirt once I have purchased this.

My daughter doesn’t seem fazed by the emerging look I have going on which I am pleased about. (was a little worried she may have reacted differently) Today I was teaching her to say hairy fairy while encouraging her to feel my new silky strands.

Back to work tomorrow looking considerably different than I usually do so looking forward to reactions from colleagues now my silkiness is visible. Until then goodnight. 🙂





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