Day 4 – Glossy fur patches & radio!

Each morning when I wake I stroke my hair to gauge what it feels like. Today the hair on the sides of my face and chin feel like glossy patches of fur. I know I don’t have a full beard yet but everyday I feel my hair getting more abundant I feel it is more visible than it looks. I expect this is because I am not used to having longer hair growth than 1 day!


I am excited and pleased to announce I will be live on BBC Radio Solent tomorrow morning from 7:30-7:50 am. My interview can be heard by tuning in to 103.8FM if you are in Dorset at this time? Apologies to readers from outside Dorset/UK as I’m told it’s not currently possible to listen to this radio show online 😦 Good news though, the DJ (Steve Harris) will be providing me with an MP3 of my interview which I will post on my blog tomorrow evening. 🙂

There are so many more avenues I want to go down to ensure a spectrum of media coverage on my challenge so watch this space…

When it comes to my emotions of what I am doing I have to be honest and say they are very mixed. Part of me wants LOADS of hair growth right here and right now but then there’s part of me that hopes it stays steady and gradual. I had a shock earlier as I looked at this month’s calendar and discovered there are another 4 weeks of this month left to go yet, arghhhhhhhh! I feel August is on its way to being the longest month of my life! One thing is certain nature will take its own course and I will be on board for the only roller-coaster ride I will ever experience! (im usually the bag lady at theme parks LOL) 🙂

Tonight I was on a bus on my way home from work and felt a man looking at me for the first time in an obvious manner. I have to be honest I have been relatively lucky in not receiving much of this type of attention and didn’t realize how lucky I was growing up without it. When this man was checking me out in a ‘what is going on with her’ way I did feel uncomfortable. I cannot lie. I am naturally fair skinned and 9.5 times out of 10 am usually ALWAYS the whitest when I compare my skin tone to someone else’s. I have learnt to accept this and am confident in my skin so now I need to start adopting the same confidence towards my new hairy fairy exterior. 

Right I need some beauty sleep and water apparently as both of these encourage hair growth. Also thinking about my thoughts/feelings all day alongside living a daily life makes for a VERY tired hairy fairy. If you can please share my blog with 1 other and/or sponsor me at I would be most grateful,thank you! :).




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