Day 5 – The grass is growing & so is publicity…

I am in a positively glowing state today (as well as feeling a little apprehensive knowing the hair on my face, neck and chin has grown some more). I woke up earlier than usual to prepare for my radio interview with Steve Harris on BBC Radio Solent. This was a fantastic experience and I was very happy with the content of the interview. I have been invited back on the show at the end of August to discuss my experience of this challenge which I am looking forward to whilst also thinking about how different I will look by this time. Here is the sound recording of my interview for any of you that live outside Dorset and/or the UK…


The hair on my face and body has now passed the hard stubble stage and feels so soft I find myself stroking my face and neck regularly. For the first time since having excess hair as a symptom of PCOS I like it and this is an odd feeling which I have never experienced before. This doesn’t mean I am finding the challenge easy because it is anything but easy and it certainly doesn’t mean the hair is here to stay!  Just think for a moment. If you had excess hair particularly on your face and neck would you 1.grow and publicize it for the world to see and this in the height of summer whilst still dressing for the season??? I know I’m mad, and am probably alone in my willingness to complete this type of challenge. So please if you are reading his and want to help please sponsor me at or share my blog with others to help spread awareness of PCOS around the globe thank you! 🙂


I have discovered social networking takes time and perseverance. No matter how tired I may feel I do not go to sleep until I have completed my blog each day. Knowing my blog is viewed regular by a volume of people combined with feedback I receive sharing how my challenge is helping others makes my lack of sleep worthwhile, besides which we are a long time dead! Let’s make a difference whilst we have a choice! Goodnight.



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