Fear of the unknown meets grow baby grow…

Today I’ve discovered my feelings change with my surroundings. When I am alone, with friends, family or work colleagues I am confident bold and happy with my new appearance and even wishing my hair to grow faster! (This doesn’t mean it’s staying just yet!)  It is when I am surrounded by strangers that my feelings change to feeling intimidation and anxiety. I know I am allowing society’s expectations of how a women should look to affect my inner confidence in growing my face and body hair and this does make me cross, however I believe this is the reality of the situation many women like myself must feel? After all when walking in to town during mid-summer you can’t miss all the well groomed ladies looking smooth and hair free like a new born babies’ skin.


At lunch time today I found a quiet spot to sit and reflect with no outside influences. It was just what I needed to help gather my thoughts and feelings whilst putting in them in to perspective. 

My OH collected my T Shirt today which I had Verity’s logo printed on to along with a few words of encouragement for strangers when they see me out and about and I have to say I am REALLY excited to have this! It feels like a security blanket because it is communicating to everyone who sees me that ” I know why you’re looking so read this information to answer your questions before making a misinformed judgement because I am not afraid to speak to you about PCOS” If after reading this someone is genuinely interested a conversation may begin, if not then I shall continue on my way but know I have addressed their looks towards my appearance. I know I shouldn’t care what others think of my appearance but come on if you are being truthful can you honestly say you have NEVER wondered what someone else may be thinking about when looking at your appearance? I know I can’t (sadly).






Although I have had a lot of reflection today there have also been excitable moments like when I got home and met a photographer from my local newspaper. He took a few photos, some of which show me wearing my new security blanket (printed t shirt). I am going to have a large article published in the paper about my fundraiser for PCOS and I’m excited ahead of the feedback this could generate. Once published I will share with you all.

Note the darkness of the hair against my fair skin tone in the picture below…


OK think this is a good summary of my day today, please if you are enjoying reading my blog and/or finding supportive please share or even better sponsor me at https://www.justgiving.com/hairyfairyweymouth/  Thank you, until tomorrow goodnight 🙂



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