Day 7- Tufts of silky hair born, now the lengthening can begin…

When I wake first thing in the morning I get a minute of confusion as my brain is switching on, before remembering I have chosen to compete with my male bearded friends. It’s not a bad feeling just easy to forget after a night of sleep and when I have never before left my hair unmanaged. The positive thought I get following this is hurray because I then remember I have had the luxury of an extra 15 minutes in bed through not needing to shave! Every cloud has a silver lining! 🙂

I started having bursts of acceptance thoughts today which I haven’t really experienced before (as per pasts blog the hair is still not for keeps) and at the same time felt a little nervous. I believe I am feeling this way because of all the positive support I have received. I am not complaining because I am VERY grateful for the kindness and support I have encountered. I am also in my comfort zone with my daily activities which I believe helps nurture these feelings. It will be interesting to know if the bursts of acceptance thoughts I have started to feel stay when I venture outside of my daily routine later this month. My first experience of this will be on Monday 11th August when I will be helping another charity by selling tickets for a prize draw on my own from 10:00am – 5:00pm in the entrance hall of a large supermarket. I also have a couple of weeks leave from work starting 15th August so I will be venturing in to new surroundings filled with a mass of people unknown to me. I have to be honest I am VERY nervous about this but keep telling myself to concentrate on each day as it arrives.

A male colleague shared some thoughts with me today which gave my feelings of strength a good boost. Here is what he said…”If you walked in to a crowded room carrying a box with all your health issues in, placed the box on the table and were offered to swap your box would you?” The morale of these thoughts are, remember you may wish you had perfect health but there is always someone worse off than yourself so hold on to the box you have.

And on that thought here are my photos for Day 7…




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