Day 8 – Hairy ‘Furry’ Fairy gets excitement & kindness…

This morning while having breakfast my 22 month old daughter (successful Clomid baby) felt the hair on my face and said “furry”, “No” i replied, “hairy fairy “. She replied “fairy”. This was so cute and this is how i am dealing with my daughter’s inquisitive nature as she notices mummy starting to look differently. 

On arrival to work today I felt a warm kindness towards me as 2 of my female work colleagues had surprised me in helping my fundraising efforts. They had both baked cakes the night before and informed everyone the cakes were for anyone who wanted to donate to the charity I am fundraising for. What a lovely gesture especially as they had already sponsored me independently. This is what gives me faith in human nature and helps support my inner confidence and strength to carry on with my challenge. This alone increased my cheerfulness, I then received an additional boost of excitement that grabbed me SO tightly i forgot to return an item of cutlery i had borrowed from the canteen to cut the baked cakes! A male work colleague informed me I was in the paper, almost a full page too, see image below as the website has not yet been updated with the digital article…


Once the digital format has been uploaded to the paper’s website I will add the link to my blog for you all to read in detail. After discovering today was the day my article had been published I decided to walk in to town to buy a couple of copies (got a scrapbook on the go of all my fundraising for myself to look back on in years to come as well as inspiration for my daughter when she matures – 50% chance she may have PCOS when older as I have it) On arrival to the paper office I couldn’t contain my excitement and said “I’ve come to buy a copy of today’s paper as I’m on page 15 because I am the hairy fairy!” Think the lovely lady behind the counter must have thought I was mad. Still she smiled and gleefully replied “Oh I’ve read that article, you look different to the picture.” Yes I am different I thought, louder than a static photo for a start 🙂 On a serious note it was lovely to speak with someone who affirmed how beneficial it was to be raising awareness of PCOS offered me a free copy of the paper to give to Verity and then wished me luck as I left the shop.



Well I shall end here as my excitement is dying down for the day to allow tiredness to set in, must be time for my body to rest and start growing more hair to share with ladies around the globe in the days ahead, goodnight 🙂






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