Day 9 – Morphing in to a Wookie…

Today was the first day I have not been at work since I had my t shirt printed. I wore this for the first time throughout the day. I first went on a walk with my 22 month old daughter around the open fields/residential streets near to where we live. There weren’t many people about so I didn’t get a chance to be looked at let alone spoken to about my t shirt. If I’m being honest I was disappointed the opportunity didn’t arise but relieved I had no comments rather than unkind comments. 🙂

After lunch I went in to town with my OH to purchase a new phone. Whilst walking through town which was VERY busy due to glorious sunshine I reached for my OH’s hand (as I usually do when clean shaven.) He jokingly said “people will know we’re together now”. I replied “well now you know how I have felt in the past (have been together 10yrs) when you haven’t shaved for a few days” I definitely prefer being clean shaven and smooth to the touch but at the moment I seem to be morphing in to a Wookie! 🙂 My OH and I were in the phone shop for about 1 hour 30 mins. The first instance I felt someone checking me out was when I had a conversation with the manager of the store about how he could help in my search for a new phone. I felt comfortable within myself although I was a little self-conscious with my hairy appearance as we were stood close together. After this my OH and I sat with another male member of staff who I purchased the phone through. The second male member of staff whom I purchased my phone from was brilliant. I have to be honest and say during the time we were sat with him I had to pinch myself and remember how hairy I was as he never made me feel anything other than ‘normal’. Again as I have said in the past if this behaviour continues to be shown towards me from others when out and about I will be extremely happy. I am not naive to know this is unlikely to happen. Whilst the staff (4 males) were all behaving ‘normally’ towards me, there was a female customer in her late forties sat in front of us. She looked at me several times in an obvious manner but this did not bother me as I felt a tremendous amount of support from my OH’s presence and the staff within the phone shop. We had an uninterrupted and comfortable walk through a busy town afterwards.


Went to a pet store and electrical store this afternoon with my OH and daughter and did not notice anyone giving me unwanted attention. I then took my daughter to the park on my own which was relatively busy. The park is quite large so although busy don’t think my hair is dark enough to be noticeable unless someone up close to me. Again no unwanted attention or conversations.

I have set up text sponsorship through my Just Giving page. To donate text KHFW66 £5 (or any other amount) to 70070. If you are enjoying reading my blog or I am helping in a supportive role towards living with PCOS or excess hair yourself PLEASE sponsor me. All monies raised will be going to the UK charity Verity who support women in the UK living with this condition. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Morphing in to a Wookie…

  1. Tracy Reeves

    HI. I have just donated £5 to Verity by text. Wishing you lots of support and confidence today.You are a very brave lady. I only found our about your challenge because of Yammer on Saturday at work. I posted a reply to what I thought was your email but it went global internally but at least DCC will know there is another ‘0ne in ten’ out there!

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