Day 10 – Goatee is in production…

Today I am feeling more anxious about this hairy challenge than I have previously felt.  My facial hair growth now resembles a goatee which is incomplete as it is growing in patches. The hair on either side of my chin is the longest (5mm/ 0.5cm) with the sides of my face and underarms coming a close second. My legs are in third place.


I took my daughter to a local indoor soft play area this morning. It was very busy. As I went alone I did have feelings of anxiety. Once I had been inside for 15 minutes my feelings of anxiety reduced. My confidence levels were supported through witnessing a wide range of people also present at the soft play, such as a lady openly breastfeeding who had generous size bosoms, a lady with an obviously unique clothing/beauty style (think she was a fan of the 50’s) and a family enjoying the facilities with their disabled son. It is easy to forget until completing a challenge which draws more attention to me than usual that there are always people around me living life with a range of differences who just get on with it. I was wearing my t shirt but was not approached by anyone.


I spent the afternoon with family sitting outside in the sunshine (my relative’s garden). I feel 100% comfortable in these surroundings as I know they are all supporting me and understand why I am completing this fundraiser. Tomorrow is when I will face my first BIG challenge…I am selling tickets for a prize draw for a local charity. I will be on my own doing this for 7 hours in the hallway of large supermarket, so there will be lots of foot traffic! I am hoping people do ask me about my hair as I gain confidence from speaking to others about the reason why I have facial and body hair and am passionate about educating others on PCOS and the national UK charity Verity. Tomorrow’s blog could be an interesting one…


One thought on “Day 10 – Goatee is in production…

  1. Tracy Reeves

    Hi Karen. Unfortunately my text donation would not work so I went through the other route and raised my donation to £10 because you deserve it! Looking forward to hearing how the day went…

    Liked by 1 person


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