Day 11 – Jelly & Female Celebrities…

I started the day feeling fantastic as I got retweeted last night by Cheryl Baker! This was the highlight of my day as Cheryl is my first female celebrity to retweet my blog info. I honestly can’t tell you how excited I was last night when I discovered this as I can’t describe it myself, other than saying calming down before going to sleep last night took a while. 🙂 After waking this morning and preparing to ‘be on show’ to sell prize draw tickets for another charity I have to admit I was feeling anxious about the day ahead and the possible reactions i may receive.. I was also prepared to be completing this task alone as volunteers were in short supply. I found once I got set up and started selling tickets I got lost in the activity and therefore didn’t think about the nerves I felt towards other people’s perceptions of my hairy appearance. I was alone for the first 3 hours than had company of another 3 ladies for the remaining 4 hours. I spoke to these ladies about my hairy fairy fundraiser. All of them said if I had not mentioned this (I knew 1 of them reasonably well & had never met the other 2 ladies) that they would not of noticed. Although my facial hair was obvious once I pointed this out, the hair is still reasonably fine and light in colour. I also spoke to a member of the public about my fundraiser through talking about charitable activities and she took my blog address. Fingers crossed this lady visits and helps to spread the word of my hairy challenge. 🙂 On the other side of this coin there was 1 young girl who made it clear through use of body language that she had noticed my hair and took several opportunities to look at me. I believe she looked around 13-15 yrs old. I am getting slowly more confident within myself which helps when this situation arises. This does not mean the hair is staying, although I have to admit I do love having an extra 15 mins in bed each morning, it’s just I encourage myself to concentrate on the positives of completing this challenge and the awareness it will bring. 🙂


As my confidence is increasing I am finding myself wanting my hair growth to increase and as a result even googled ‘how to encourage hair growth’! Sleep, water and Jelly encourage this so I went to the supermarket on the way home tonight to stock up on jelly (really I DID do this) so watch this space for future photos… I will be thinking about activities in the days/weeks ahead where I can socialize which involves large groups of strangers to encourage as much feedback/promotion for my hairy challenge as possible. 

To support me please sponsor me by texting KHFW66 £1 (or more if finances allow) to 70070. If money is tight PLEASE share my blog and ask your friends to pass on, thank you.



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