Day 12 – Hair today gone tomorrow…

I’m so glad of the extra 15 minutes I get in bed in the morning from not shaving as life is pretty crazy right now, all positive though. 🙂 I also don’t think my adrenaline has quite finished with me yet as I am buzzing from my second celebrity retweet from loose women Kaye Adams who re-tweeted me last night! Its hard work promoting a fundraiser on social media, I have SO much more respect now for people that do this as a day job. I am REALLY pleased that I am getting some publicity and will do my up most to continue promoting my challenge. I will continue putting 110% in as I will only get this opportunity once and want to make it as successful as possible for all women living with PCOS and/or excess hair.

My hair is definitely growing longer however as it has come through fairer than I thought it would and I am quite pale it is only REALLY noticeable when up close to me. I was talking to a colleague at work today who had been asked by another female who reads my blog (but does not see me daily) ‘is Karen really this hairy?’ My colleague said ‘yes although the photos don’t do her hair justice as her hair is quite fair.’ So confirmation right there it is growing long and my photos have not been photo shopped, they are real! Now although I am very bubbly and some might say an excitable person this is still a scary hairy challenge! I am lucky that my personality plays a HUGE part in allowing me to focus on the positive side of most situations life has to throw at me. 


I was on my local community radio station this evening (second time this year) talking about my hairy fairy challenge and PCOS. It was another great experience and I was invited to stay longer than my initial discussion which was a lovely surprise. I find spending time with people like the Airey Fairies from 107.2 Air FM in Weymouth, Dorset really motivational. They are so full of life and infectious. This really helps my positive, strong mind-set stay on track through the emotional difficulties my challenge brings. I have been fortunate to receive a HUGE amount of positive support however as my hair grows longer I am not naive and understand I am likely to receive comments which I don’t welcome. I shall share these with you as they occur as well as the good as I feel it is important to show life is not a bed of roses when you are living with PCOS and/or an embarrassing symptom such as excess hair. Being positive and strong is good but this does not mean I don’t get down days or frustration through having to cope with constant removal of hair because I wouldn’t be human if I said I was immune to these feelings. Note the tiara presented to me by V for being an honorary fairy (this is where the idea of the name hairy fairy came from)


Final thoughts for today… ‘Hair today gone tomorrow’ I have seriously been contemplating extending the length of this challenge as once this opportunity has been fulfilled it will not be unique again. I am off to reflect further before sharing the outcome of my decision in the next couple of days..


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