Day 13 – Like a soft brush…

The hair on my face, neck and chin feels like a soft brush used to comb baby’s hair. The length does seem to be extending especially on my chin area but the thickness of my beard area is taking time to form (and I forgot to eat any jelly to encourage more growth today.) Yes I am trying to completely embrace being in this situation and encourage hair growth through any measures deemed to be viable. I have even googled how to make hair grow much to the surprise of my OH. No surprises then that sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy all aid hair growth. Eating jelly and massaging the area where you want hair is also supposed to encourage growth so I thought might as well try this too as its not harmful and I have nothing to lose. 🙂 If I am going to complete this challenge then I will ensure I complete it well. We should all live life without regrets as none of us knows what may be waiting round the corner.


As life has been hectic I have started taking to a daily nap of 30 minutes in my lunch hour to keep me going. Whilst on the bus returning to my car for a daily lunchtime nap today, the bus stopped due to a build-up of traffic. I was looking out of the bus window when a young lady walked past that ironically had a full beard! This is not a joke or a story I have made up to make my blog interesting, this really happened which I found quite spooky. I’ll be honest whilst the bus was stationary I found myself wanting to hop off and speak with this lady. From reading her body language I could see she was probably a quiet introverted lady so decided not to approach her. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable as I know what this feels like. Also my intentions are to promote awareness of PCOS and excess hair not to scare random strangers. I may be mad and have a little acceptance in my appearance but I am aware others may not feel positive for having excess hair so discretion should always be used to avoid offence and/or discomfort.

I am still contemplating extending this challenge. I want to feel happy when I’ve completed this challenge that I have achieved my aims of promoting awareness as best I can whilst fundraising and living with no regrets. No point completing a task if you have regrets afterwards because you didn’t put 110% in to it I am aiming to make a final decision tomorrow and you will be the first to know my decision…


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