Day 14 – End of the hairy comfort zone…

Today I awoke to realize it was the last day living in my comfort zone as I am on annual leave from work for the next 2 weeks. I was excited to see my work colleagues as they notice the progression of my hair growth and have been really supportive towards me. Also feeling apprehensive what the next 2 weeks will bring. Its comforting being around people who I can laugh with and discuss my progress each day. I shall miss this but need to venture out of my comfort zone to get a true reflection of the variety of responses on offer from other people in society. I can then share my experiences with you all through my blog.

As I write this I am feeling the hair growth on my chin. My hair is now long enough that when I tug it the skin underneath moves. I have never had hair this long before on my face and do have the urge to want to pull it out. I will not do this though as I am going to complete this challenge. I have decided to extend the length of my challenge but not yet decided by how long. I will be thinking about this over the next day or two and will inform you all when I have reached a decision. I welcome any comments/suggestions on this so please leave replies on my blog if you have any thoughts on how long you feel I should continue with this hairy challenge. 


This evening I went to my local chip shop. One of the smallest environments I have visited outside of my comfort zone during this challenge and also one of the toughest from a psychological point of view. The shop was busy with approx. 5 or 6 customers and 3 members of staff. I realized straight away the man behind the fryer had noticed my hairy appearance. He continued to look at me on several occasions whilst I waited for my food. This made me feel REALLY self-conscious and unattractive. After a few moments of being stuck in a negative feeling I chose to coach myself inside my head and asked myself ‘why am I doing this’ and ‘who will be benefiting from putting myself outside of my comfort zone?’ I reminded myself I am completing this challenge for the thousands of people (I was reminded through a friend at work men can suffer with excess hair too) who experience the discomfort of living with either PCOS and/or excess hair. I also want to raise awareness of the national charity Verity who support ladies living with PCOS so women know there is support out there. I genuinely believe if I had not received education through attending Verity’s annual conferences I would not have gained the confidence I needed to push for diagnosis 3 years ago. Reminding myself of these aims helped me to stop dwelling on the negative feelings I was experiencing. Thank fully I was only in the shop for about 4 minutes before I had my food and left.

The next 2 weeks are definitely going to be challenging in many ways. One, I will be outside of my comfort zone and two, my hair is growing noticeably longer and getting more visible as each day passes.

A final thought for the day…’Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.’ 🙂 


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