Day 15 – Changing Comfort Levels…

I can’t believe I am already 2 weeks in to this challenge, time has flown by. I have made a decision today about when I will complete this challenge. My last hairy day will be on Friday 5th September and I have a complimentary wax appointment (this is going to be painful after 5 weeks!) on Saturday 6th September thanks to a kind offer from Lucy’s Therapies of Dorchester, Dorset, UK who is supporting my fundraiser. Local ladies please see her FB page here;  It has taken me a few days of thinking to decide upon a definitive end date for my fundraiser as once this challenge has been completed the uniqueness will have ended too. I want to ensure I complete the aims of my fundraiser (to raise awareness of PCOS, the national UK charity Verity and excess hair as a symptom which affects women) as well as a successful amount of sponsorship money and taking in to account the feelings of my nearest and dearest I believe my aims will be achieved through setting a completion date of Friday 5th September 2014.

This morning my OH and I had an appointment in a small office. We met with a female and there was a male present. We were in their company for approx. 40 minutes. The male knew of my fundraiser as I am good friends with one of his relatives. He didn’t comment on my look either way. (Think he was busy anyhow) The female was very chatty regardless of my unusually hairy look and she made me feel very comfortable. I felt VERY self-conscious as I am not used to looking so different to how society encourages women to look. I know I was clean (shower each morning) and otherwise well presented as I usually would make the effort to be, I just didn’t feel comfortable in my hairy exterior appearance. 


My mum is staying with me at present (we live a few hours away from each other & try to catch up every few months) and after the above appointment we took my daughter to the park. Mum also suffers from excess hair on her chin/neck. It was another lovely sunny day here in Weymouth so I was wearing knee length shorts and a sleeveless top. As you will see from my photos the hair under my arms is getting quite long now. I don’t know why but I am not bothered as much by the hair growth under my arms or on my legs. I find having hair on my face and neck the biggest part of this challenge. I was lucky to receive no comments or attention during our time at the park which surprised me as it was quite busy. Maybe this was why, everyone was so busy in their own worlds they did not notice a hairy lady who otherwise was enjoying a ‘normal activity’ with her daughter and mum? I believe being busy works both ways as I was in a supermarket this afternoon with my DD (darling daughter) and mum and was so busy that when I felt the odd person look at me it did not phase me as much as usual as I wanted to purchase my items and return home for dinner (dd is relatively good with going to shops but dinner was later than planned and she was getting bored.) 


Interestingly I have realized before this hairy challenge I was VERY conscious of the excess hair my mum has (she doesn’t remove this regularly and I previously encouraged her to remove this when we saw each other) whereas today was the first time I felt comfortable with her facial hair where previously I found it embarrassing. 

I took my daughter to the doctors this afternoon. We saw a new doctor who I have seen on a few occasions (before I was hairy) and I felt I was treated the same as previous time I had spent in his company. This was good and I was pleased at the outcome but I was also expecting him to test the water and ask if I wanted any advice on excess hair. Never mind the reason for our visit was my DD not myself. 


Well that was day 15. I will be catapulting myself in to more situations/events which involve being around lots of unknown people over the coming 2 weeks so continue reading my blog as I am confident there is more reaction to come which I will share. I will continue to promote my blog in the hope more female celebrities share this so there is a strong possibility of more excitement from myself! 🙂


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