Day 16 – Hairy Fairy Feeling Scary…

Each morning when I wake it takes a few seconds to remember I have extra insulation growing on my face and body. Feeling the hair on my chin today reminds me of a coarse bristled brush with patches missing. It is still not as thick as I would like it to be but it is now noticeable due to the length. As I am getting acclimatized to it being present I feel I want it to grow as much as I can, if I am going to complete this challenge I might as well go all out (if you are listening hair, you have my permission to grow uncontrollably until 5th September!) 

I walked through a busy town centre this morning and didn’t get any unwanted attention. I believe this was due to the busyness and everyone concentrating on their own activities. I had forgotten to wash my charity t shirt today highlighting my hair growth so wore a sleeveless vest top with shorts. Tomorrow I will be back wearing the t shirt that is my security blanket. Although I enjoy wearing this as it encourages people to ask/search for more information on my appearance I also find wearing it scary at the same time as I am advertising I am out of my comfort zone. This is a daunting feeling to portray to people who know me well let alone anyone and everyone! I will continue to wear my t shirt though as I feel it is important to show I am not finding this challenge easy. As the saying goes ‘Nothing worth doing is easy.’

Earlier this evening I went to the local supermarket with my mum. This WAS interesting. As I walked round I found myself concentrating on finding the items on our list to escape the feelings of thinking too much about what others who see me may be thinking. When we got to the checkout I noticed a female customer on the next checkout looking at me. She had several looks. I decided to receive her looks as a compliment and started smiling like I knew something she didn’t but would think ‘wish I knew what she was smiling about’. I feel when out with friends/family or someone who knows me well I am more confident than when alone. This was the first time I have felt strong whilst another person is looking at me. I shall try to remember how good I felt reacting in this way so I am prepared for a similar situation in the near future.

I was at the stage a few days ago where I was quite comfortable with my appearance but am now feeling more anxious as my hair grows longer/thicker and living life outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t realize until today just how much confidence my daily routine/environment gave me. Luckily I have been remembering a few of the supportive comments friends and colleagues have said to me to boost my confidence and stay strong. One of my favorites is ‘look pal, you’re ugly but I can shave!’ Another friend said ‘If anyone stares just give your chin a little stroke’. I am looking forward to trying these suggestions out so bring it on absent minded and ignorant people because I am ready! 

Here are my photos for day 16…



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