Day 17 – 4 hours saved and counting…

Today I was raring to go and had a full day outing planned in a public environment. Sadly due to the British weather rain halted play so I enjoyed the day at home inside with close family. Tomorrow I will ensure I am on show like a full bloom sunflower growing towards the sun (only a hairier version because I am equally as tall) 🙂

The hair growth on my face and body today reminds me of random plants you see growing in the desert. The plants are bushy, abundant with growth, cover a small area and are dotted all around. This is how my hair feels like it is growing. I can feel the softness when I stroke it. This action gives me a strong desire to pull it out or shave it off as I am so used to doing this on a daily basis but I will not do this until my challenge is completed. Knowing each day 1 more country or 1 person has read my blog as well as receiving a positive comment from a stranger (with PCOS and/or excess hair as a symptom) is enough fuel for me to keep this challenge alive and fired up.

So far I have saved over 4 hours of time by not removing my face or body hair! Although I am pleased with the extra time in bed at the start of day and not having to complete a second beauty ritual in the evening I do miss having smooth hair free skin and not worrying about possible looks of disgust when venturing in to public places! I have also started to notice how much I myself observe other people when out in public who may look different to the stereotypical image portrayed by society. These thoughts stay in my head but now I am at the other end of the thought being about myself and seeing body language from these thoughts being processed it is making my awareness of how I behave become more thoughtful. Don’t get me wrong I don’t share my thoughts out loud with the people I am observing it’s just I realize I’m probably more judgmental than I would of confirmed I was before this challenge started and this needs to change.

On a lighter note my OH had to return to work today unexpectedly so I am without my regular photographer for the next 3 days. I decided to ask my mum who’s staying with me to attempt to photograph me today and I can honestly say we laughed so hard I lost some valuable liquid! First I had no head in my photos then I looked like I was trying to cut my neck off whilst attempting to show her how much of my face/neck should be in the shots, so then we accepted defeat that she was no competition to anyone in the photography profession. Thankfully another relative was on hand to fulfill my quota of photos as follows, so until tomorrow goodnight…



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