Day 18 – Am i asking for MORE hair…?


I did well getting out and about today in various public places. Was at a child cafe this morning with my mum and daughter (children play in a safe environment while parents sit at tables & drink coffee without worry of accidents happening) and it was reasonably busy. I noticed looks from the two young ladies (about 18-20 yrs old) who were staff in the cafe. Neither of them gave me a negative look. I felt the looks (only had a couple) were more of an inquisitive nature as I had general conversation with them both and this felt as comfortable as if I was talking to them with no facial hair. I also felt looks from a couple of mums but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable as they were more like odd glances than stares. I was interacting with my daughter and a couple of other children who showed interest in the activities my daughter and I were performing. As I am outgoing and confident naturally I ensure this is seen no matter how self-conscious I may feel because of the change in my appearance. I feel this helps the barriers with strangers when they have initially just had a few glances of me. They are able to see that their first impressions of me physically do not determine my personality when they see my behaviour in practice. I know if I saw a person looking noticeably different to the stereotypical person I would perceive them to be quiet and timid so I do not blame others for having these thoughts about myself as we are all human not robotic. The mums who had glanced over did have general conversation with me after seeing me interact with their children and my daughter. I am confident this conversation would still have happened if I was hair free 🙂

Popped to the supermarket and nothing to report because everyone seemed to be busy in their own worlds. Well either this or everyone was having a day when they decided to be polite and not give looks to a female trying to rival the beard of Conchita Wurst (2014 Eurovision winner. 🙂

This afternoon I went to an indoor soft play centre with my daughter and mum. It was busy but sad to say no news to report. This is getting a bit weird now because I kind of want comments or odd looks at the same time as not wanting them! I will continue to put myself in busy environments outside of my comfort zone but think I am quite far off getting up on a table and shouting about my fundraiser, regardless of my confidence being fairly OK. Please feel free to remind me I said this if I report the opposite happening at a later date. 🙂

I had some time this evening after putting my daughter to bed so have been promoting my fundraising efforts on twitter and am VERY pleased to share I have been re tweeted by a third celebrity who is an actress called Rebecca Atkinson. She is best known for playing Karen Maguire in Channel 4’s Shameless and also suffers with PCOS (sorry readers outside of UK if you have no idea who I am talking about, pleased she has done a re tweet for me, sad to confirm not an A lister, still working on an A lister re tweet) The only celebrities who have spoken out about having PCOS are Victoria Beckham (I am tweeting repeatedly but realistically I’m not holding out hope of a an acknowledgement), Jools Oliver (again I am tweeting repeatedly but realistically not holding out hope of a an acknowledgement, have tried Jamie Oliver as well in case he is the trouser wearer in the relationship), Danielle Lloyd (not expecting a reply here as she is having marital problems and I am a mere minion in comparison to her problems) and Kym Marsh (holding out hope for a RT.) 🙂 I will update you all on any progress.

Thanks to one of my close friends (another snow white like myself as we were both off the list when the great man upstairs was handing out melanin) I had photos taken this evening. So here you go, until tomorrow goodnight and thank you for reading…


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