Day 19 –

This morning I took my mum to the train station as it was the end of her visit. When we got to the platform (which was busy as a train was due to arrive in the following few minutes) I noticed 3 females (late teens – early twenties) who had spotted my facial hair. They looked at me on a couple of occasions. We were about 1 meter away from each other. One of the females (with her back to me) then whispered to one of her friends before this friend then looked over at me. It was nice to see although they were surprised by my hairy appearance and inquisitive there was no mocking or unkindness towards me. When I can see someone looking at me I ensure I smile so they know I do not fear their thoughts. Although I work at demonstrating confidence I find approaching a stranger about my excess hair symptom a difficult task to achieve. I find conversations much more comfortable if I have been approached first. 

I had some unexpected but overwhelmingly positive compliments today from a hairy fairy fan in another country that is following my blog. I was told that my hairiness is attractive and I am beautiful. This was completely unexpected and it was nice to receive positive feedback on my uncomfortable appearance following a busy day. Talking to other ladies with PCOS and/or excess hair as a symptom (whether online or in person) certainly makes me think more about other females and how they live their lives living with PCOS and/or excess hair. I can feel myself starting to reflect on my own thoughts towards others a lot more than I have done before which is good. 

Well I have lots more to share/discuss but I have run out of matches to keep my eyes open so I shall end here and include my photos for today, until tomorrow goodnight all 🙂







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