Day 20 – Ignorance is bliss, really?

Today I was on show all day like a dog at Crufts (only there were no prizes) as it was carnival day in my local town and I am a volunteer. I wore a t shirt and shorts. My activities involved me helping out with beach sports and were surrounded by A LOT of children. As I have volunteered before (carnival is an annual event) I knew what to do so this made me feel confident within myself. During some football games I noticed a young boy staring at my face however, he did not make any comments. I would not have minded if he had of asked me questions but he didn’t. I felt awkward due to the fact there was no conversation but didn’t feel confident in starting a conversation about my excess hair myself. Until this had happened my mind was focused on being busy with the various activities I was helping to organize so temporarily stopped feeling conscious about my appearance. 

I am VERY pleased to report all colleagues I work with on the carnival committee in my town have been very supportive of me. It is also refreshing to have conversations with them which include general comments/discussion on the hairy fundraiser I am completing. There is no discomfort on my behalf; I only wish more people took this stance when they see me.

After a long day (approx. 11 hours on my feet) I did not want to cook so went to my local chip shop for takeaway. Today is the second or third occasion I have bought take away from them since I started my hairy challenge. Each time I have been in I have noticed the staff looking at me due to my face/neck hair. Today there were 2 fryers and the one who first spotted me then spoke with his colleague (both young males in their 20’s) before both looking back at me. I felt OK and ensued I had a smile on my face to make them see their looks did not bother me. As my hair is fair I believe more people notice this when close up to me. I can visit a lot of other environments which are busier than my local take away but do not get much if any attention. I believe this is due to people being further away from me so hair is not as noticeable.

Right my bed is calling (and I shall listen as I want to encourage my body to grow more hair which only comes from beauty sleep) so please find my photos from today as below…



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