Day 21 – Emotional Roller-Coaster…

After a busy day volunteering yesterday in the local community (which I enjoyed) I have spent most of today resting or at least that was the plan. I have so many thoughts going round in my head about the challenge I am completing some days it is hard to deal with these, get sufficient rest and juggle everyday life. (I work full time, volunteer for 2 charities, and have a toddler and my OH works away) I know I do too much which I do recognize but it’s important to me to live life for today and I enjoy making a difference through supporting other people and my local community. Nobody knows what is round the corner and I choose to value this fear. 

My hair is growing longer as nature takes it course but it is not yet as noticeable as I would have liked on my face and neck so I am still eating lots of jelly to encourage as much growth as possible. 🙂 When my OH saw me eating a pot of jelly tonight he laughed because he thought I had purchased this for my daughter. (It is packaged in a way you would expect if marketed towards a child to consume) The hair under my arms is now noticeable, feels very soft and is the darkest on my face/body. 

This afternoon my daughter and I met a friend in the local park. The park was busy due to lovely sunshine. She gave me supportive comments which I needed on a day I’ve found to be personally challenging. I was also lucky enough to receive no attention with my noticeable hair (again I feel this is due to the fair colour my hair is and the large area the park covers as more noticeable up close)


I’ll be honest once the first 7 days of my challenge had passed and I was in the comfort zone of my daily routine I thought the rest of this challenge was going to feel easier. I am finding I am learning A LOT about many avenues a physiological challenge brings. On reflection there is part of me that wishes this challenge was now a physical one. The benefits to this are once completed there are no ongoing thoughts/feelings to wrestle with. However, I WILL proceed and see this challenge through to the end as it is more important to me to raise awareness of PCOS, the national UK charity Verity (they receive no funding) and excess hair as a symptom. I choose to battle with the difficulties this psychological challenge brings in order to help and support other women who may feel the same and/or experience what I do. I know there are A LOT of women around the globe with PCOS and/or excess hair and I feel I should use my personality to highlight this on their behalf as not everyone is outgoing and/or comfortable talking about their experience. 

I remember when I was a teenager the main battle I felt I had was the pale colour of my skin (I never tan) and acne. Little did I know I had more to experience with irregular cycles, fertility problems and excess hair. I sometimes wish I was a female with skin that tanned, no spots, no excess hair and a body in proportion. Life would be so much easier. I genuinely feel that women with none of the above issues don’t appreciate how lucky they are. I know when close friends read this they will remind me of some of the benefits of seeing life from a different context but I have to say I would rather wake up in the morning and have none of this to contend with! 

You can help me through sponsorship at or if finances are restrictive please support me by sharing my blog with another female, thank you. 

Here are the rest of today’s photos…




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