Day 22 – Look but please don’t stare!

Today I went in to town with my OH and daughter. On walking in to a shop I observed a women follow me with her eyes from the moment she noticed me outside about to enter until I was inside. I wanted to shout ‘stop at looking at me’ but refrained from doing this as it was busy in town and didn’t want to draw more attention from additional people. I expect people to look at me but find it frustrating when someone spends too long looking and this morphs in to a lengthy stare. I am learning a lot about human behavior through completing this challenge. This is good as it provides me with an understanding of how other people feel on a daily basis when living with a condition and/or symptom which makes them different and stand out. This understanding helps with reflection of my own behavior towards others. When I am with another person I feel a stronger sense of confidence regarding my appearance but not enough to encourage me shouting about my appearance to a mass of people.

On arrival in to a second shop I noticed a female looking at me. (I had to sit and wait for an item and was sat down for approx. 8mins) During this waiting time I felt like an attraction as I was sat on a chair in a clearly defined waiting area and the store was VERY busy. A few other people including males and females noticed my appearance. Luckily being with my OH and daughter made this time feel more comfortable. I really wanted to ask the lady who repeatedly looked over at me if she wanted a photo in return for a donation but again didn’t quite feel comfortable enough to complete this. This is something I need to work on in the near future as this action would encourage conversation and/or sponsorship. 

This is all my news from today so please find today’s photos as below…Until tomorrow goodnight & thank you for reading 🙂






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