Day 24 – Easy Peasy, not!

This morning I awoke put on a vest top and shorts and went to the local park with my OH and our daughter. There were a few people present with children. I only noticed one adult female looking at me on a couple of occasions and no comments were made. This didn’t bother me too much as I feel confident when in the company of loved ones. My main fear is unkind comments which I am yet to experience. I am not naive and expect to get some of these as I continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

My OH, daughter and I went to a fast food restaurant for lunch and we decided to sit in and eat. It was VERY busy. I chose to sit at a table that was in the window. I felt I was on show for the entertainment of everyone else present. I got looks from people waiting in a long queue to be served and also from people sat down eating close by. Most of these people seemed to have initial glances then carried on with their tasks. (Thankfully)

In a physical sense anyone that doesn’t know me may perceive the challenge I am undertaking to be easy because all I have to do is grow hair right? What is hard about this people may think? Well growing all my face and body is a task I have never undertaken before out of choice due to the difficult psychological aspects it entails for me. The annoying part of this is the people who think growing excess hair is easy are the people who will probably never experience the feelings attached to having PCOS and/or excess hair. Why is it life can sometimes feel so cruel? It takes A LOT of courage if you live with excess hair to accept it and stop removing this. I know a few ladies who are brave and choose to accept their face & body hair and having had hair visible myself for a few weeks now my feelings of appreciation of what they experience daily has soared. As I feel today I still prefer to remove my hair after this challenge.

This afternoon I napped as I have been having regular late nights to ensure I share my experiences and feelings through writing this blog. I look forward to a new day tomorrow and all it may bring. Here are my photos for today…

P.S I am still eating lots of Jelly 🙂



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