Day 25 – Ice & Child’s Play…

I spent this morning and the first half of this afternoon with family & friends completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and to answer the question for anyone wondering, yes I also donated. 🙂 

Video at following link…………

On my way to bed last night I found out I had been re-tweeted by my 4th celebrity who are a UK reality couple known as June & Leon who stars in the UK show ‘Goggle-box’. This made my day and needless to say it took a little while to climb down from the mountain of excitement I had climbed before going to sleep! (For readers outside of the UK I apologize for this excitement as you are unlikely to know this lovely couple but I can assure you they are a beautiful and entertaining couple on UK TV, Channel 4) This helped increase my twitter followers which is fabulous as it helps raise awareness of my challenge and PCOS. For anyone interested in following me on Twitter my name is kfiggitt

I am feeling slightly more comfortable with my facial and body hair today as I have spent most of the day around supportive family and friends. I decided to take my daughter to a soft play area this afternoon as I had not been outside of my comfort zone and she was in need of some entertainment. The soft play centre was VERY busy as we got there 45 minutes before closing. Although this was the case and I felt the odd look in my direction this was not more than an initial look and thank fully no comments were made to my knowledge. I am going in to work for the day tomorrow. Although this is within my comfort zone I have not been in to my office for 11 days and my hair is now noticeably longer than 11 days ago so I am a little nervous but also confident my colleagues will be as supportive as they have been previously since starting this challenge 25 days ago. I will ensure I spice the day up by breaking out of my comfort zone during my lunch break.

Right I need to go and get some sleep. Please see my photos from today as below and thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to join me on my hairy adventure by reading my blog, you’re the reason I am completing this challenge…!







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