Day 26 – Conversations are go…(hello awareness)

I had a physio appointment this morning (from a knee operation I had a few months ago). Last time my physio saw me I was looking smooth and today I looked more like a bad impersonator of Chewbacca from Star Wars. (I say a bad impersonator as my hair is not yet long enough to straighten as I found out this morning when I attempted to straighten it with my hair straighteners) 🙂 My physio did not know until today that I have PCOS. She was very supportive of the challenge I am completing and even gave me some ideas for possible future fundraising. I felt very comforted by her supportive comments and fundraising suggestions. I was fortunate two other members of staff present in the physio lounge treated me the same as a female without facial hair.

On arrival to work I was a little apprehensive but need not of worried as my colleagues were as supportive as they had been prior to my annual leave 11 days ago.  Lots of people asked how I was finding the challenge and gave me encouraging comments which were a joy to receive. One of my male colleagues is even supporting me by growing his facial hair for the same duration I am growing mine. I was also thrilled to learn during my absence a request for a dress down day & cake sale had been approved to help with the fundraising I am completing for PCOS and VerityThis will be held at the end of September. It was reassuring to hear from conversations with several ladies today they had not heard of PCOS and/or the national charity Verity before I started this hairy challenge. I was also told by one lady she had participated in discussions about PCOS which she previously knew little about. I am pleased to hear this as it shows awareness is being raised. Doesn’t matter on how small a scale this may be happening, I am just happy discussions are starting to take place amongst women.

During my lunch break I popped in to the local town. Activities included a visit to the bank, a visit to a popular shop and a walk around the town. I believe from a distance my hair is not as noticeable as when I am up close to another person due to the colour and fine texture of the hair so again avoided any unwanted attention when completing these activities. 

After work I met a female friend with PCOS at a popular pub. I purposely choose to sit in the main area of the pub to gage any reactions from my appearance. On ordering drinks at the bar I got an obvious look from the bar man serving me. He wasn’t rude; I just noticed he had clearly seen my facial hair from reading his body language. Whilst sat down with my friend I noticed a couple of looks from the table next to us which comprised of a small group of young adolescents. No comments were made and the small looks I received were not uncomfortable. I believe the majority of looks I receive are due to surprise as from behind all you see is a female who otherwise looks like she takes pride in her appearance. (I usually straighten my hair and ensure I dress well)

On the way home from the pub I stopped at a chip shop. This was not my local but another chip shop in my local town. I had to queue for food as there was a small wait. I noticed as soon as I joined the queue the fryer behind the counter noticed my unusual look. (I have come to the conclusion these chip shop fryers have too much time on their hands as they seem to be my number one subjects for noticing my appearance.)  🙂 The fryer took several looks at me whilst I stood in the queue. When this happens I distract myself from allowing my mind to go in to overdrive by reminding myself why I am completing this challenge. 

The best news of the day was when I got home… I discovered a second beautician had contacted me to offer me complimentary laser treatment to help with permanent removal of my facial hair and reflexology to encourage my hormones to settle down. We will be meeting next week to determine if my hair and skin type are suitable for the laser treatment. I am REALLY looking forward to this. I understand there is no such thing as permanent hair removal but if I can at least reduce its growth so I don’t have to manage it as frequently I will be a very happy person! I will keep you updated on my progress through my blog.

Time for today’s photos…Until tomorrow goodnight all and thank you for your continued support. 🙂





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