Day 28 – 1 week to go & growing…

This morning I took my daughter to a soft play centre which turned out to be busy. I received quite a few looks from people both male and female whilst here. Didn’t hear any comments although I’m sure people talk amongst themselves out of ear shot.

Although I have been growing my hair for 4 weeks now I still get nervous when going out and about. I may portray an air of confidence when others see me but this doesn’t mean I am 100% comfortable with my external hairiness.(Hats off to any female who does, I completely respect you)  If anything I am finding this challenge harder as each day passes and my hair is still growing. It has taken about 3-4 weeks for the hair on my face/neck to be clearly visible. My hair is also still fairer than I thought it would be so unless close up sometimes this is not as visible as I was hoping it would be. This feels mad to say out loud as my feelings are completely torn. One minute I want to have lots of hair that is dark, long, bushy and clearly visible to receive the full experience of this challenge but then also don’t want it when I am experiencing a bout of nervous feelings. This challenge is certainly a roller coaster of feelings. Especially when talking about and growing excess hair! (although living with PCOS is a small challenge in itself)

Went for a long walk on my local beach this afternoon with my little one and sadly choose the wrong end as it was quiet so no news on people’s reactions as there weren’t many about. Will be venturing along a busier beach over the next couple of days so watch this space for more feedback on reactions… 🙂

I am feeling VERY excited (yes I know not really a surprise if you have been reading my blog since creation) as I am on BBC Radio Solent’s breakfast show again tomorrow morning. (103.8FM if you are in Dorset, Hampshire or Isle of Wight) I will ask the lovely DJ Steve Harris for a recording of the interview so I can post here in the next 48 hours for readers outside of these regions and UK. It makes me feel good to know awareness of PCOS is being raised and promoted. I thank Steve for his support in my hairy challenge.

Right I had better go and get some beauty sleep ahead of an early rise tomorrow; here are today’s photos thanks to a supportive friend…





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