Day 29 – Radio & Conversation…

This morning I was buzzing with excitement as I was a guest on BBC Radio Solent’s Breakfast show with Steve Harris. It was great to talk with him and share my experience of my hairy fairy challenge with listeners of the show. I wore my charity t shirt and shorts. I was pleased with the interview and am hoping to receive a copy of this in the next few days. Steve asked me if I was glad it was nearly the end of my challenge and I have to be honest I feel both yes and no in reply to this question. I am pleased I have raised some awareness of PCOS and smashed my fundraising target of £500 but feel as I am not likely to complete this challenge again I would of liked to extend the length of the challenge too. I feel torn but after speaking with my nearest and dearest I was reminded I have achieved the goals I set out to complete so I should feel proud of this and as the saying goes ‘all good things must come to an end.’ 

BBC Radio Solent 29th Aug 14 BBC Radio Solent 29th Aug 14 #2


After the radio interview I took my daughter to a play cafe and a park which are in a different town to where we live but still within the same county. The play cafe was busy. A young lady who worked here noticed my unusual appearance as I saw her looking on a couple of occasions. She didn’t say anything. I don’t mind as I expect this because it is human nature to look at other people around you regardless of what they look like. I felt I was treated no differently than if I was clean shaven. Several parents had conversations (mainly about their offspring/mine) with me whilst I was at the park. It felt good to know they were talking to me because of similar parental experiences rather than my external hairy appearance.  

Whilst my daughter had a nap in the buggy I walked round the town centre. It was comforting to bump in to a couple of ladies whom I am friends with through work. They both asked how the challenge was going and expressed their support for me. Whilst I was queuing in a shop I received a couple of looks from a pair of young ladies. They spoke about my look to each other but I could not hear their conversation. As I have been on this challenge for 4 weeks now I am prepared for this situation. I choose to think about the reasons I am growing my hair and the benefits from achieving this to distract me from worrying unnecessary about other people’s thoughts/opinions.

I will end here for today with the following thought…’Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

Photos of me for today as follows;






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