Day 31 – Happiness & Confidence are the prettiest things you can wear…

Today was the last day of my summer leave from work & it was a beautiful day. I took my daughter to a large outdoor park located in a busy town approx 40 minutes from where we live. The population here is a lot higher than the small town I live in. The park was very busy due to the glorious sunshine. I received a few looks whilst playing with my daughter on the outside play equipment. This didn’t bother me though as I expect looks when I go to new environments outside of my comfort zone. I was fortunate enough to again not receive or hear any comments on my appearance. (Obviously this doesn’t mean there weren’t any comments I just wasn’t aware of any)

It would be interesting to know if my thoughts and feelings on living with excess hair changed if I encountered negative/unkind comments towards me. As this has not happened (and I count myself extremely lucky having had other bearded ladies share their experiences with me) I cannot confirm if my thoughts and feelings would be the same. Although I feel lucky to have received support and have been treated the same when out and about except for looks/stares I feel slightly cheated as it would have been valuable to experience the other side of human behaviour towards the sight of a female with excess hair (especially on the face/neck area) 

Completing this challenge is hard as I often find myself experiencing conflicting feelings. This is because I want to achieve the best outcome to help me understand how ladies living with excess hair feel whilst also experiencing first-hand the behaviour they experience from others. Although I only have another 5 days left of being the hairy fairy from Weymouth I will always be hairy on the inside 🙂

Back to work tomorrow and got an early start so I will end here. Please see my photos from today as below.

Final thought for today…“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear”



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