Day 35 – New Friendships & Feeling Happy…

Hello readers, I am feeling much better and back to normal health today, although a few additional early nights (which I will be having more of from this weekend on wards) will certainly boost my health further. 🙂

I am also feeling a little liberated having had 4-5 weeks of not removing my excess hair but at the same time I’m also looking forward to having a ‘smooth appearance’ again. My hair is going to be removed by wax on Saturday 6th September 2014 thanks to a local beautician in Dorset called Lucy who runs Lucy’s Therapies. For more information please see the following Facebook page; I understand why some women accept their excess face and body hair and choose not to remove it having been through the challenge of growing my own. It feels good to be natural, my skin is in better condition (as not so sore and rough from constant shaving/plucking/waxing) and I feel less pressure from not having to be so vain about my appearance. Plus I have saved time on getting ready in the morning and before going out which is an excellent bonus! However I will still be removing my hair as planned and will then start looking in to other hair removal options which I will continue to blog about as I try out alternatives to shaving/waxing. So watch this space…

I will upload the second radio interview (within the next 24 hours) I took part in on Friday 29th August 2014. Sorry for not posting this sooner, what with feeling unwell, working full time and my OH being away time has been somewhat limited recently. 

Due to the publicity of my hairy fairy fundraiser I met a local lady who has now discovered she is not alone in living with PCOS. Tonight we met for the first time and this was the greatest reward from raising awareness that I could have hoped for. To know I have helped just one other lady no matter how small is a fantastic achievement and I am very happy. I have also spoken with ladies from around the globe through social media which has been equally as rewarding. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has been VERY hard and a personal challenge I did not think I would do only 12 months ago and I am so pleased I did. I have gained new contacts/friends and also learnt about other people’s experiences of living with PCOS.

I will blog again tomorrow, until then please see my photos as below.

Final thought for the day ‘You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’ 




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