Day 36 – The Last Stroke…

Waking up today, I felt a mixture of feelings as this is my last full day with excess face and body hair before I begin removing it again. (waxing commences tomorrow at 10am BST with Lucy of I have found the experience liberating, have started to reflect on my feelings towards my appearance, have recognized how my feelings have developed and changed prior to the start of this challenge and also learnt about feelings of fear and how to control these. What a roller coaster of emotions it has been!

I have found a lot more acceptance of who I am as a person rather than just focusing on how I look in the mirror. This experience has given me broader views/opinions of having and living with PCOS and excess hair as a symptom. It has provided me with opportunities to learn about other women’s experiences living with PCOS & excess hair and I hope in a small way has encouraged a few women to talk about and accept living with PCOS &/or excess hair which they may not of done previously. Prior to the start of this challenge I would of been concerned when stroking my face and discovering stubble present as I was self-conscious of others ability to notice this. From growing my hair the past 5 weeks I am confident my self-conscience will now be lower when discovering a bit of stubble in the future. Friends/family and colleagues have commented on my hair not being as noticeable as I feel it may be due to the fair colour of this. Just goes to show we perceive ourselves to look worse than what reality is. The saying about fear is definitely true ‘Fear is always worse than the reality’.

I have saved a total of 9 hours through not shaving the last 36 days! Hair grew on my face, neck, top of chest, underarms, boobs, navel, legs, toes and feet. The longest hair I have grown is 3/4 of an inch and this grew on my chest. The highest populated area of hair growth was under my arms and my favourite area of hair growth were the tufts of hair I grew either side of my chin. Acceptance

I may have started off resenting PCOS and all its symptoms but I now feel acceptance and positivity for having this condition. After all every cloud has a silver lining. For me I find I have found this lining in the people I have met along my journey. I will work with some of these people to continue promoting PCOS and the national UK charity VerityI have also gained some new friends and acquaintances to share experiences and support with in the UK and around the globe. This is invaluable and I thank PCOS for this!

Finally how can you help…? Thank you for reading my blog and following my journey. This alone has made the approximate 72 hours of blogging over the last 36 days worthwhile. Thank you if you shared my blog, retweeted and/or sponsored me. Every gesture REALLY is appreciated by myself, all other women with PCOS and the national UK charity VerityTo date with the support of friends/family/colleagues and fellow cysters/readers of my blog £774 for PCOS! I would love to reach £800 so if you would like to sponsor me please visit or text KHFW66 £5 (amount can be smaller or larger) to 70070, thank you. I will share my experience of my waxing session tomorrow evening. Please find photos below of my last day as the hairy fairy from Weymouth, thank you and goodnight 🙂






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