Eye Watering finish of a hairy journey…

I had no expectations how my wax appointment would go this morning as i don’t start thinking about appointments until i am present for them. In hindsight I am pleased i maneuver through life in this way. I am used to hair removal as i regularly have my eyebrows, tops half of my legs & bikini area waxed. I had heard several times that underarms are the most sensitive area to get waxed and after my first ever experience of this, the reviewers were not joking! Lucy the beautician was welcoming, friendly, professional and kind. Luckily i chose to leave the underarm area until last on the last (eyebrows,face,neck,chin,navel,bikini,legs feet toes,) Tears were streaming from my eyes during the underarm waxing combined with my legs waving around in the air due to the pain. I honestly don’t know how ladies put themselves through regular waxing of this area. I will certainly NEVER be having my underarms waxed again (this is no bearing on the skill of the beautician, just an EXTREMELY sensitive area of the body to wax) You can see the redness still present in tonight’s photos and this is 12 hours after my appointment. I enjoyed my appointment other than the pain element and feel all new and fresh following the hair removal.

I am pleased i have completed this challenge as it has given me an understanding of why some women choose to keep and accept their excess hair. I prefer to remove my hair due to personal choice but have the up most respect for ladies who love it and live with it. 🙂

I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone who has supported me and will continue blogging every now and again on my journey through choices of permanent hair removal so watch this blog.

Please see my final photos of this challenge below with an update of my sponsorship total…



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